Industrial & Liberia Free Trade Zone

450,000 sq. m of land,
ideal for industrial uses

Prebuilt facilities or land to develop inside or outside the Free Trade Zone (FTZ) in front of the international airport. Solarium offers a build to suit option for rental or sale.

Costa Rica have additional free trade zone tax incentives and lower investment requirements for projects outside the greater metropolitan area (GMA).

Lower initial investment

Rent, buy, build.
Liberia Free Trade Zone at Solarium

Lower initial investment in fixed assets is required  (outside GMA)

Additional and longer incentives

For Business outside GMA

Lower startup costs

For companies located in Solarium facilities

Standarized benefits

Eliminates the need for prior negotiation

Pre approved environmental requirements

The entire project has Setena permits approved

Free Trade Zone

Costa Rica’s Free Trade Zone Regime is standardized providing your company diverse incentives and benefits

Companies in Solarium's 250,000 sq. m business park or that build on our 450,000 sq. m of land, enjoy lower star-up costs and tax advantages.

Be at Liberia Free Trade Zone give your business tax exemptions on your imports and exports goods, sales tax on the local purchase of goods and / or services and other benefits, applying to all productive sectors.


Tax Exemption

Without the limit*


First 12 years

Income tax exemption


Next 6 years

Income tax exemption

* - Tariffs on exports and imports - Tax on the retention of royalties and fees. - Interest tax. - Sales tax on the local purchase of goods and / or services - Stamps

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outside the GMA

Free Trade Zones FTZ are an important part of Costa Rica’s strategy to attract foreign investment

FTZ businesses located outside the metropolitan area (GMA), such as Liberia in developments such as Solarium enjoy greater incentives.

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Commodities for your development

Quality infrastructure, utilities and abundant potable water in place

Land for purchase or custom build to suit for lease or sale

Having a Hotel within our project, is an advantage to our visitors and tourists that visit the region

Across from the Guanacaste International Airport

Water treatment plant serves the development

International retailers and companies in place

High performance communication systems

High quality
of life

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